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Hello World ! I have a new domain named Barrys Scientific Based Product


As some of you might know or not know I have a another domain that uses a .com platform the one I have here uses the .net also Barrys Scientific Based Products is a service mark of Florida.


I reached 100,000 downloads on  www.Publishresearch.com where my Published and copyrighted work is located as of 03/26/2018 www.Publishresearch.com was taken down. I am Republishing my work in different area’s the link is below: I have a youtube website located at www.youtube.com/barrysscientificbasedproducts





                 I have written 76 U.S. and Canadian Copyrights. The main topic is Science based on Intelligent Design. My background includes 30 plus years in the Computer Field along with many years of Martial Arts studies 30 plus years as well. I have had formal college courses specifically two years of Mathematics while back in the 80’s at Cleveland State as well as Computer Science based training Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, and Certifications. This is important because this brings a unique knowledge of Energy in Motion technically defined as Kinetic Energy. I have created additional websites as well . I would like to promote my brand name Barrys Scientific Based Products dealing with IT Computer Hardware, Software, Network Topology Design, and Cryptographic Models. I have broken Barrys Scientific Based Products into different sections.


1). Motherboard Designs


2). Network Topology Design


3). Cryptographic Models








I have listed below some websites that are based on Intelligent Design that combine Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences. The Barry Equality Field Equation is a Mathematical Equation that counters Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity and the Big Bang Theory the equation supports Sir Issac Newtons 2nd law of Thermo Dynamics simply put Energy has to come from somewhere. My other website Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position uses Mathematical Equations and my 35 plus years in the Martial Arts and relates to Hyung or in Korean Forms which incorporate Linear, Circular, and both Linear and Circular. I have written a Equation that counters the Cosmological Constant. If you are a Secular Scientist, These sites are not for you and as a Martial Artist 35 years I would advise the Secular Scientist to not seek conflict with others and to just depart. Please do not post remarks that are inappropiate.


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